Entry #5


2016-01-13 19:14:59 by Maezo

I am incredibly pleased to announce that my band has been endorsed by Esoterik Guitars!


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2016-01-25 21:27:37

Might want to scale back the dimensions on that logo. It literally slowed to a crawl loading that. I don't think anyone needs the full 7500 x 6375 pixels apart from perhaps the logo designer or people who need to make official graphical changes to the logo itself.

You can resize to a smaller version and just upload that smaller version. (Browsers will just shrink the visible logo down anyway so there's no benefit to uploading the huge version, really)

Maezo responds:

Thank you! I had no idea it was so huge! I, unfortunately, have been working from my iPhone for the last 6 weeks while I've been away on business. Thanks for the heads up!


There's a clean link for you!